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MSB’s Role in Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry

Introducing a drug to the market takes a lot of time and effort. As the process of drug discovery and release involves a lot of overnighting documents, this wastes the critical time that one cannot afford. Due to this, there is a delay in the patient’s access to the treatment as well. MSB brought a one-stop solution that ensures the efficiency of clinical, quality, and internal operations in one go. MSB deals with the demands of the pharma industry while supporting compliance with industry regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.

How MSB can help you drive more efficiency?


Training & Feedback

Laying down a procedure for conducting SOP(Standard operating procedures) and OTJ (On the job training) at all levels and

evaluating each of them is not at all difficult now. With MSB, the entire process is transformed digitally. This digital transformation lets you go paperless in all processes such as recording each test, collecting signatures and evaluating the final results.

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Smart Categorization & Storage

Managing all the documents for every new drug discovery, clinical trial, training and

feedbacks at one space requires a dedicated categorization. MSB offers such smart categorization and documentation on the cloud with an amazing feature of adding labels to easily access and retrieve documents anytime and anywhere.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials involve activities, reports, stats and all those things required to approve a drug. Carrying

out paper-based documentation that complies with the FDA regulations is the most cumbersome task out of all. MSB makes these processes go swiftly and smoothly with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance via its digital solution.

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Audit Trail

Having a glance at what all activities are being carried out on each document, whether it is for training,

new drug discovery or clinical trials is always very helpful in the successful manufacturing of a drug. MSB features Audit Trail to fulfill this need of the hour and offers you reports for proving the validation of all your documents and making them tamper-proof.

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Lab Accreditation

MSB helps in gaining lab accreditation so that it can demonstrate its capability, competence and credibility before stepping

into the market. We ensure that you comply with all regulations and guidelines by the FDA and minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production.

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Drug Discovery

The overall process from discovery to the marketing of a drug requires complete documentation. MSB offers an easy solution

to the researchers for carrying out tests on a particular drug collaboratively, document the results and procedures and duly sign all these documents for further processes.

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We ensure security & compliance!

MSB adheres to and meets the most demanding e-signature laws and guidelines across the globe. All the documents that are signed via MSB are legally enforceable under IT Act 2000 (India), ESIGN Act (USA), eIDAS (EU), FIPS 140-2. If we talk about the standards of security then MSB holds the highest standards for security such as ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield and SSAE 16. We are also compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000 and HIPAA. So, with MSB, you don’t need to worry about the security of your crucial data as our system is full of security features including document validation and authentication control, signer identity verification, tamper-proof seal, and audit trail. So, the time you get partnered with MSB, you may eliminate the likelihood of all your documents being misplaced or being tampered and be ready to monitor transparency at every step of the processes.


Vishal Gupta

“Doctors are able to update patient discharge summaries and provide electronic approvals using MSB on their mobile phone, improving their efficiency. Patients benefit from a shorter wait time to be discharged and a great experience. Apollo hospital has improved operations with higher bed-turn rates and saving from the elimination of paper. “

Vishal Gupta | Head of Information Technology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

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