Security and Compliance


Data privacy and security is our top priority here at MSB. That’s a claim we back up with strict standards, legal enforceability and thorough compliance. Our approach to data protection is rigorous, as evidenced by the comprehensive security features enjoyed by MSB clients. From in-depth audit trails to unique document and user IDs, we’ve got you covered. Our platform ensures documentation of actions and storage, plus retainment of all documents. MSB also integrates with all types of multifactor authentication, including hardware tokens and two-step authentication with one-time passwords. Additionally, MSB implements strong authentication such as security questions for account management. This provides multiple levels of security for your documents.

Regulatory Compliance Standards

MSB adheres to and meets regulatory compliance standards across the globe.
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North America

Secure Electronic Signature (SOR/2005-30)
FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Canada’s Evidence Act

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Aadhaar based eSignature
IT Act of 2000

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People’s Republic of China Compliant

Privacy and Security Certifications

MSB also follows GxP guidelines and regulations, is FIPS 140-2 compliant, and holds the following privacy and security certifications:
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EU-US Privacy Shield


ISO 27001



Ease of access, peace of mind

We understand the importance of your documents being readily available for you. Your data is accessible to only you and users authorized by you. All MSB documents are protected by a tamper-proof seal. Also, our comprehensive audit trail provides step by step details and a complete log of the signing process. All signing related activities are time stamped to record the creation, modification and finalization of each document. This policy easily provides digital data for regulatory compliance, financial transactions and legal evidence. Speeding up processes should lead to increased efficiency, not security risks. MSB ensures your documents are reliable..