A complete paperless transformation in Education Industry!

Automated, Streamlined & Simplified

No need to

    • Do paperwork for each organizational change
    • Manually get approvals for the policy change requests
    • Send contracts, agreements and invoices for manual approval
    • Manually track the progress of every management development program
    • Ask for extra effort from your procurement teams to better align with CSR objectives
    • Worry about securely storing and retrieving large amount of data anytime anywhere

MSB is here with a legal, secure, and compliant solution!

  • Create, customize and send electronic documents for each organizational process
  • Increased collaboration with cloud storage is way easier to get approvals for policy changes
  • Digitally rolling out contracts, agreements and invoices for signing pace up all the processes
  • Gain control and insight of management development programs with digital signatures
  • Digital contracts with digital signatures accelerates the procurement processes
  • Our system of records ensures integrity of your stored data round the clock.

How MSB Work?

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