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10 Surprising Stats about eSignatures

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The world of e-signatures reaches far beyond signing. To put it into perspective, here are ten interesting statistics that might surprise you.


grow business
  1. Use of e-signatures is growing. Fast. Global eSignature transactions have increased from 89 million to 754 million over just five years.
  2. It doesn’t stop there. eSignatures are expected to grow 39% more by 2020.
  3. According to these figures, this means the e-signature market will hit $9,073.1 million by 2023.


  1. US businesses waste $8 billion a year just on managing paper.
  2. Companies that adopt e-signature solutions reduce document handling expenses by a whopping 85%.
  3. Companies also save 80% on shipping costs when they go paperless, on average.
save money


  1. 65% of companies using pen and paper report collecting physical signatures add an entire day to their work process.
  2. 41% of companies require signatures on more than half of their documents, printing more than half of their papers to get them signed.
  3. 48% of these businesses make three or more copies of their documents.
  4. However, companies that go paperless reduce 90% of their processing errors on average

Much like these statistics, the benefits of e-signatures include more than the signing process itself. From cutting costs to increase workflow and data security, digitizing documents ranks far superior to traditional pen and paper.

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