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Stride fast from contracts to revenues with our advanced contract management solutions.

Preparing, sharing and signing sales contracts manually can hamper the speed of your business workflow, and in turn impact your business profitability. Our smart solutions would place the contract right in the hands of the signatory, enabling quick signatures and speedy execution. Faster closure of contracts in turn leads to faster realization of revenue.

55%–78.62% – total savings of businesses migrating to e-signature apps from paper, considering material, administration, shipping, and subscription costs.

37 minutes vs. 5 days – traditional and e-signature time difference in obtaining signed documents.

On average, leaders expect 23% higher revenue growth than competitors. (SAP Center for Business Insights and Oxford Economics)

Capitalize well on your time; execute contracts faster and overcome all delays with MSB Docs

Sales contracts typically require modifications at multiple stages of the contract cycle, often causing interruptions and delays. However, electronic contracts equipped with advanced eSignature capabilities facilitate quick and easy comparison between different versions and brings forth the discrepancies, if any. The need for multiple contract cycles is eliminated, fueling the efficiency of the process.

80% – average reductions in turnaround time using e-signature. (LunarPen, 2020)

Businesses achieve 70% to 80% efficiency improvements after removing manual processes to adopt digital technologies like e-signature solutions. (Forbes, 2016)

Ensure optimum compliance and abide by the increasing regulations with MSB Docs

Any kind of breach, tampering or violation of contracts can put your business in a tight spot. To mitigate the risk, legal recognition of these vital documents is essential. MSB Docs lets you initiate and sign contracts electronically and with utmost legal compliance. Legally binding documents can be exchanged between parties within the common law.

In 2000, the US government implemented the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) Act. This made e-signatures at par legally with handwritten ones. (FDIC, 2014)

81% of business users consider e-signatures as the most essential in the legal and security aspects of their daily operations. These businesses and sectors include those from banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and government. (Cygnature, 2019)

We add a robust layer of protection to your sensitive, confidential contracts.

Contracts signed using expert document management capabilities offer top-level security, safeguarding the document against any unauthorized use. Advanced measures such as multifactor authentication, audit trail version control and tamper-proof storage ensure the exchange of documents only with the intended party, barring access to anyone else.

e-Signature solutions are now integrating biometric authentication methods into every written signature, like handwriting pressure and rhythm. (Stanford University, 1976)

To further enhance security, the two-factor authentication method has been implemented by 45% of organizations globally to verify e-signatures. (LunarPen, 2020)

Simplify your onboarding process for an unparalleled experience

Virtual hiring of employees and ensuring their smooth onboarding has never been easy. Our smart document solutions enable HR teams to conveniently roll out candidate NDAs, offer letters and other agreements with the click of just a few buttons. Employees can quickly review and sign documents online and conclude their onboarding journey delightedly.

85% – productivity improvement (LunarPen, 2020)

Those who prefer electronic documentation over paper forms say they intend to cut paper clutter and help save the environment by using fewer paper documents. (Consumer Action, 2019)

Limit the risk of fraudulent activities and help your HR grow.

Too much paperwork prevents HR teams from following a firm verification process while onboarding customers or employees. Integrate with MSB Docs to automate these tedious paper-driven processes and experience an enhanced ID verification process. Bid adieu to traditional onboarding and welcome your new team digitally.

65% of companies using pen and paper report collecting physical signatures add an entire day to their work process.

Businesses that go paperless reduce their processing errors by an average of 90%. (LunarPen, 2020)

Store all employee documents and policies in a central cloud repository to stay on top of employee compliance. We let all the new hires easily access, download or sign their documents before they upload it to their profiles. This serves as a legal proof of acknowledgment.

81% of business users consider e-signatures as the most essential in the legal and security aspects of their daily operations

80% increase in audit efficiency (Open span, BMO Insights)

We Cater To Diverse Industries

Our novel document solutions can seamlessly integrate with the existing workflows of any size/ type of enterprise or business environment. Explore the most comprehensive and customized solutions tailored to fulfill your unique documentation requirements.


Introducing new medicines to the market involves review, signing and management 6of multiple important documents. Moreover, strict regulatory requirements make it tough for pharma companies to deliver outcomes in a timely, efficient manner.

Effective document management practices can streamline the processes of drug discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing and supply chain operations. Automate your workflows with MSB Docs to manage the voluminous information at your fingertips with a minimal error rate. Strengthen your decision-making and stay compliant with the increasingly regulated environment, while ensuring high safety standards at all times.Learn More


Life Sciences

Clinical laboratories play an extremely critical role in the effective delivery of healthcare. However, volumes of paperwork impacts their competitiveness and prevents them from delivering timely and accurate results.

Adopt the best-in-class document management practices to enhance your competitiveness and ensure a faster entry of products and treatments into the market. Our intelligent document digitization solutions enable you to access, sign or share clinical trial forms, certificate of analysis, investigator forms and many more documents digitally with utmost compliance.Learn More


Hospitals conduct a vast amount of paperwork each day for the purpose of record keeping, registration, prescription, billing, insurance, etc. Multiple documents need to be signed at a time, which consumes massive time, slows down processes and impacts the efficiency of staff.

A transition to digitally advanced document management platform can equip your healthcare personnel to cope up with the overwhelming paperwork requirements efficiently. Use MSB Docs to streamline your vital processes, including new patient registration, discharge summaries, consent, billing, lab operations, etc. Our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant smart document solutions with end-to-end medical data encryption, would enable you impart superior patient care in the most timely and cost-effective manner. Learn More



With too many contracts and documents generated and signed on a daily basis, operational efficiency of automotive companies takes a back seat. Storage and retrieval of these plethora of documents becomes a burden, and companies look for ways to optimize their documentation processes.

Fuel the efficiency of your automotive operations by digitizing all your paper-based workflows. From manufacturing to sales to customer service, automate all your document transactions with MSB Docs. Our smart solutions will transform the way you access, sign and share purchase orders, dealership contracts, vehicle quotations, quality check sheets and other documents. Learn More


Real Estate

Extensive property paperwork can slow down your sales process and come in the way of closing deals faster. Employees spend their valuable time in obtaining signatures and managing documents, unable to focus on acquiring new business.

Manage your mounting real estate paperwork with utmost efficiency and close your sales faster. Sign deals on the go and manage the extensive paperwork on your fingertips. Stay organized, minimize errors and enhance your productivity by moving the digital way. Don’t worry about your confidential and sensitive information, as we have got you covered through audit trails. Learn More



Enhance the student learning experience and streamline all staff and faculty operations by employing our new-age document management solutions. Digitize, sign and securely distribute all your essential documents – enrolment forms, scholarship certificates, HR agreements, and many more. Overcome all your paperwork challenges in a smart, faster and better way.Learn More


Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions generate massive amount of data and documents at a rapid pace. Customers get bogged down by signing multitude of documents, while storing this critical data and abiding by the complex regulations becomes a key challenge for banks.

Streamline all your document workflows and deliver efficient banking services round the clock. Elevate your customer experience by simplifying the signing and approval processes for account opening, lending, banking transactions and wealth management. All document transactions are encrypted to ensure topmost banking security, tamper-proof storage, detailed audit trails, multi-factor authentication and much more. Learn More


Digitize the flow of your hefty documentation and execute your legal proceedings fast. Sign and securely store all your legal contracts in one place, and retrieve them with utmost ease. Maintain topmost industry compliance with a tamper-proof seal and a court-admissible audit trail, that helps in improving governance and auditability.Learn More



Too many insurance documents to process and store can run down your firm’s efficiency, putting you at a risk of being negatively compliant or losing customer trust.

Enhance the efficiency of your insurance operations by leveraging smart document solutions to electronically capture and process information. Improve your key processes of customer onboarding, underwriting, peer review, claims and policy administration. Maintain up-to-date information about your policyholders and provide superior experiences. Learn More



Handling critical airline documents can take a toll on aviation companies. Information needs to be constantly exchanged between different parties, with security and management arising as a key concern.

Manage your growing documentation needs and streamline your complex aviation processes including flight operations, line maintenance, baggage handling, procurement, warehouse, supply chain, engineering documentation processes and more. Enhance your operational effectiveness with our digital workflows, which eliminate the need for pilots to physically sign-off log times, while also improving the level of auditing. Learn More



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Benefits For Your Business That We Deliver Everyday

Scale with Existing Workflows:

Scale with the existing workflows using our suite of smart document solutions, that can be customized easily to meet or exceed the enterprise business requirements.

 Build, configure and automate workflows efficiently with MSB Docs and stride fast on the path of advancement. Improve your information management to gain visibility and enhance efficiency in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Consolidated operations:

Our combined operations to access, sign, send and collaborate on a single document promises to speed up the document turnaround times and increase the document completion rates.

 Our features such as composing single and multiple documents, multiple signing options, creation of workflow, document templates, TeamRoom for collaboration, etc will enable you accomplish this with sheer ease.

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Friendly suite of integrations:

We offer you a wide suite of integrations to extend eSignatures, document workflow and collaboration. We are committed to empowering businesses using third-party integrations

with leading business applications such as Box, Word, Outlook, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

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High-end search and retrievability:

We manage all your information securely, and make it easy for you to search and retrieve your critical documents. Enhance the productivity of your employees, as our document management solutions eliminate the need for digging into volumes of paperwork to retrieve clients’ information. Spend this saved time to fuel your business growth in other valuable ways.


Strengthened security:

We help you stay on top of all security and compliance requirements for SMEs. Our enhanced security features include document validation, authentication controls, signer identity verification, tamper-proof seal and audit trail. It helps businesses stay transparent at each step,

while complying to the highest security standards which include ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield, SSAE 16 and compliance such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration) (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000, and HIPAA

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