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Starting from the initial application to closing documents, a successful property deal is accompanied by a lot of paperwork that needs to be done without a delay. If closing more deals is the end goal of your real estate business, then it’s time to ditch the pen and paper process and switch to smart document solutions by MSB Docs.

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MSB Docs for Real Estate

Now real estate deals don’t need a signature with a pen on the dotted line to close. With MSB Docs smart document solution, the entire process can be digitized for helping your clients sign, seal and deliver documents in no time.

Why MSB?


Any time, Any Device Accessibility

Realtors need to stay mobile in order to be always available. MSB Docs platform gives realtors remote flexibility by allowing any time any device accessibility. Cloud-based storage lets them access the documents virtually from anywhere in the world & give similar ease to their clients as well.


Custom Workflows

Making use of custom workflows is a practice often discussed but seldom used in the real estate industry. But those who once used it never regretted their decision! Custom workflows by MSB Docs speed-up the process of signing property documents, reduce the transaction costs, improve customer relationships and convert hours into few minutes to seal the deal.



Rather than creating a new document from scratch, real estate standard documents, when converted to reusable templates, lets you initiate the processes swiftly. In addition to the document templates, MSB Docs also allows you to create workflow templates to get things going in a single click.

Are Real Estate Electronic Contracts Legally Enforceable?

The answer is Yes! The federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN Acts) and other state laws, that are modeled after the UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act), provides that all real estate contracts negotiated and executed electronically are legally enforceable. ESIGN act confirmed that signing documents online possess the same legal status as wet signatures. So, take a sigh of relief and start reducing the overall efforts that are associated with closing a deal by going digital.

Benefits of Going Paperless with MSB Docs



Faster turnaround time on agreements



Document signature approval rate in one day



Savings per agreement from hard costs and manual efforts


Top-Notch Security & Compliance


Planning to go paperless with your real estate business?