With a myriad of cloud-based document control solutions ranging from digital workflow, electronic signatures, centralized and paper-less storage and archiving of documents, etc, MSB Docs enables life sciences companies to speed up their operations, enhance their quality, and achieve superior outcomes in the most timely and cost-effective manner. All leading solutions are well-compliant with the fast-changing, stringent industry regulations. The simplified yet enhanced device capabilities ensure a simple and intuitive user experience on all devices.


Clinical Trials

Add speed and efficiency to those time-taking clinical trails. Gather multiple signatures with ease and do away with the

Audit Trail

Maintain complete track of your document journey with comprehensive audit trails. Gain an in-depth view of all user

Inspection Reports

Get the inspection reports approved and signed digitally, and store them for anytime reference and use. Add

Lab Accreditation

Get globally recognized using our world-class digital signatures. Effortlessly obtain accreditation from the leading

Engagement of Lab Professionals

Enhance productivity of your lab personnel by switching over to digital signatures and advanced document control

Feedback & Training

Transform and modernize the training operations of your organization by moving the digital way. conduct employee

New Drug Discovery

Accelerate the development process of new drugs by electronically signing and recording all experiments.

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