Life Sciences

Comply with FDA regulations and make approval processes seamless and secure with MSB.

Digital technology is transforming operating procedures for life sciences. MSB allows you to speed up all tasks. Whether it is through the efficient signing of sales and installation agreements or prompt fulfilment of field service and TRIP reports, MSB allows you to consolidate your operations and keep control of costs. Digitizing your documentation and signing processes with MSB will significantly:

Mitigate delays in drug manufacturing and drug development processes

Streamline quality and inventory management systems

Boost efficiency of electronic submissions and clinical operations

With MSB, it is about improving all standard operational procedures, meeting safety and compliance regulations and increasing efficiency in processes. Cut operation costs and continue to make ground-breaking discoveries that save lives!

Popular Use Cases
  • Quality management systems
  • Trip reports
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Safe BioPharma
  • RA/QA
  • SOPs
  • Drug manufacturing processes
  • Sales & installation agreements
  • Clinical operations

Health Care

From patient history to clinical reports MSB enables processes to move fast.
Health Care Organizations are inundated with endless paperwork tasks. Whether it is completing patient on boarding forms and prescription recipient logs or managing medical records and lab reports, it is essential to securely transfer and store patient data in a way that complies with government regulations.

MSB allows you to scrap the paper and speed up all processes: from completion of HIPAA forms to clinical reports and patient records.

Mobilize staff, giving them access to vital patient data from anywhere, so they can spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks.

Speed up insurance claims processing and controlled substance ordering.

Boost efficiency and safety of medical records and supply chain management.

With MSB it is about improving all standard operational procedures, meeting safety and compliance regulations and increasing efficiency in processes. Cut operation costs and continue to safely manage, transfer and store confidential information that saves lives every day!

Popular Use Cases
  • Patient consent forms and releases
  • Admission and discharge papers
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Patient records
  • Medical records management
  • Digital pathology
  • Lab reports
  • Clinical reporting
  • Controlled substance ordering
  • Prescription recipient logs
  • Supply chain management
  • Purchase orders

Real Estate

Comply with mandatory disclosures and regulations effortlessly with MSB.

Digital technology is transforming operating procedures for real estate. MSB allows you to speed up processes and spend more time with prospects.

Manage documentation processes remotely with our cloud-based software that enables you to jet off to meetings and showings stress-free.

Secure more deals with digitized agency agreements, sales and lease contracts.

Benefit from safe handling of confidential and sensitive client information with our user authentication and document validation features.

With MSB, maximize security, increase prospecting time and comply with regulations, so you can cut costs and focus on closing those deals!

Popular Use Cases
  • Agency agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Lease contracts
  • Financing documents
  • Home inspection documents
  • Residential/ Closing disclosures

Human Resources

Integrate with your HRIS and create efficient HR processes with MSB.

Where performance matters, MSB delivers. Whether it is through efficient completion of compensation plans or prompt distribution of training and certifications, MSB allows you to consolidate your operations, reduce carbon footprint and keep control of costs.

Maximize ROI, validate documents and automate workflows.

Streamline on-boarding and off-boarding processes and introduce electronic signing of NDA forms for candidates in advance.

Bolster security of important documentation and effectively complete expense reports and offer letters in practically half the time!

With MSB, eliminate tedious tasks and focus on what you do best: ensuring staff and candidate satisfaction levels are always sky high!

Popular Use Cases
  • Candidate NDAs / Offer letters
  • Onboarding and off-boarding forms
  • Benefit elections
  • Compensation plans
  • Training and certifications
  • Expense reports

Financial Services

Digitize and automate business processes to ensure a better
customer experience for your clients with MSB.

Building rapport with customers is a must for financial services providers. Yet administrative processes consume a large amount of employee’s time. Whether it is account maintenance or contracts, paper processes can distract employees from customer interaction. MSB’s allows you speed up processes; from debit and credit card applications to safe deposit boxes.

Mitigate errors and manual processes so staff can significantly reduce workflow cycle time.

Speed up customer onboarding and account opening processes.

Boost transaction security and increase mortgage, lending and leasing application turnaround.

With MSB, improve your administrative procedures, protect valuable information and increase efficiency of financial processes. Save time and money, and strengthen customer relationships.

Popular Use Cases
  • New customer on-boarding
  • Account Openings
  • Deposits
  • Debit and credit card applications
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Lending and leasing applications
  • Disclosure / Contracts
  • Mortgage applications
  • e-Closing

Legal Services

Digitize, innovate and automate legal processes to increase client satisfaction with MSB.

Law firms and legal departments have to wade through large amounts of documentation daily. Whether it is signing contracts or authorizing NDAs, there is always confidential paperwork to process and protect. MSB accelerates all processes: from patent and trademark registrations to intercompany agreements.

Manage intellectual property licensing, litigation files and all legal documentation with ease and visibility.

Simplify processes to make it easier for clients to work with your firm.

Boost security of legal documents when handling and storing confidential client information.

With MSB protect valuable information and streamline legal processes. Cut operation time and costs,
while focusing on client convenience.

Popular Use Cases
  • Contracts/NDAs
  • Internal compliance
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Patent and trademark registrations
  • Intercompany agreements
  • Litigation files


Consolidate student application processes effectively with MSB.

If, as Leo Buscaglia says, “Change is the end result of all true learning”, we must recognize the need for innovative technology to transform the future of educational institutions. By digitally enabling education records, establishments can go green whilst simultaneously reforming their processes and increasing efficiency. MSB allows you to speed up all procedures. Whether it is through integrating different department’s systems and technologies or by protecting mark sheets and degrees, MSB allows you to secure your operations and curtail costs.

Mitigate falsification of academic diplomas and certificates, and easily verify the authenticity of documents online.

Safeguard important files which, when paper-based, are much more prone to loss or damage.

Boost efficiency of student application processes, handling scholarship requests and managing course assignments.

With MSB it is about preventing fraud, keeping documents secure and make administrative processes
effortless. Cut costs and continue to educate and inspire the bright minds of tomorrow!

Popular Use Cases
  • Mark sheet/degrees
  • Scholarship requests
  • Course assignments


Adhere to regulatory requirements easily with MSB.

Digital technology is transforming operating procedures for engineering. MSB allows you to speed up all processes and protects you against fraud.

Mitigate project schedule extensions

Significantly reduce your organization’s overheads by digitizing the creation of specifications and blueprints.

Boost efficiency of part validation and auditing processes.

With MSB, optimize approval cycle times, meet safety and compliance regulations, and increase efficiency.

Popular Use Cases
  • Blueprints
  • Specifications
  • Parts Validations


Automate, streamline and simplify government processes with MSB.

Government agencies are overrun with time consuming administrative tasks. Whether it is through the issuing of permits, applications and grants or from the overseeing of interagency agreements, protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information is vital.
MSB’s advanced platform features speed upall processes; from the completion of purchase orders to carrying out of inspections.

Mitigate delays in reaching your agency’s mission.

Secure, authenticate and integrate government documentation.

Boost the efficiency of administrative processes and issuing supplier contracts.

With MSB, improve administrative procedures, protect valuable information, save
time and money, and achieve your goals!

Popular Use Cases
  • Program administration
  • Permits, applications and grants
  • Inspections and compliance
  • Interagency agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Supplier contracts